Texas independence isn’t one single act. It’s many acts, small and large, by everyday Texans.

It's Time To Take Texas Back!

It’s become abundantly clear that now is the time for the Texas Nationalist Movement to take a direct role in leading Texas to independence and restore self-government to the halls of the Capitol in Austin.

Starting at the end of the 86th Legislative Session, the TNM will begin to field candidates at every level, from the statehouse to the school house, with one goal in mind – take Texas back from unaccountable bureaucrats and give the people of Texas a choice on independence.

For the TNM, we will no longer be content with pursuing the best course for Texas solely as an outside pressure group. Instead, we will seek to take a direct hand in the governance of Texas and will put our case before the people of Texas in the form of candidates and policies that support the right of self-government for Texas.

We will focus all of our efforts on building an independence majority in every city, county, and district in Texas.

That starts with recruiting members and volunteers that will help us identify every single supporter of independence in Texas. Our first goal is to increase our number of declared supporters from our current 382,553 supporters to 750,000 and our paid memberships to 15,000 in the next 10 months.

Challenging every elected position in Texas will be an expensive undertaking. Please donate what you can.

Even a few dollars will make a difference. No matter how large or small, your donation will go directly to this campaign.

With your support, we can take Texas back.

Daniel Miller

President, Texas Nationalist Movement

Pledge your support for independence

Washington isn’t working for Texas. Neither is Austin. The people of Texas have been ignored too often. It’s time for a fresh start – to choose a different and better path. It’s time for Texans to take Texas back from the unaccountable political class. As an independent self-governing country, the future of Texas will be in the hands of Texans. Together, we can take back Austin and make Texas the country we all know it can be. Sign here to pledge your support.

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Together, we can reach voters all across Texas.

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Print out a pledge form and encourage others to sign it

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Got other skills?

Are you good at blogging, writing, graphic design, public speaking, creating videos, social media management, management, sales & marketing, fundraising, teaching, training, organizing, web development, database design & implementation, data entry, customer service, political campaigning, research, editing, event organizing & production, or anything else that we haven’t thought of and want to use those skills to help create a free and independence Texas?

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