ACTION ALERT: Honor The Alamo Defenders, Call For HB1836

Remember the Alamo! Take a minute to honor the sacrifice of the Alamo defenders and help advance HB 1836 by State Representative Kyle Biedermann — a bill to reclaim state control of the Alamo to preserve the story we’re telling of our heritage.

Call Chairman Cyrier’s office (512-463-0682). Ask that he schedule a hearing SOON for HB 1836.

Huge thank you to Rep. Kyle Biedermann for leading the way on this issue!


One hundred eighty-three years ago, the defenders of the Alamo gave their lives for liberty. They held out bravely for as long as they possibly could. Even though they didn’t win that battle, they were instrumental in the Texians winning their fight for freedom and establishing the Republic of Texas.

They also gave us something just as great: an example of heroes who believed in liberty, who believed in the right to keep and bear arms as a defense against governmental tyranny…… heroes who believed it was worth standing up, speaking out, and sacrificing their lives for what they believed to be true and right.

Those defenders’ bodies were burned. So Texas built a cenotaph — a monument — an empty tomb with their names etched in it to help us remember them.

The City of San Antonio has a plan to move the Cenotaph, shift the focus away from the battle of the Alamo, and change the message to minimize that brave act of liberty.

Rep. Kyle Biedermann has filed a bill to reclaim state ownership of the Alamo so we can preserve our history. So we can remember our heroes who fought for precious liberties.

The bill number is perfect: It’s HB 1836. He needs your help to move it along. HB 1836 has been referred to the House Culture, Tourism, Recreation. The next step is for the chairman to schedule it for a hearing.

Please call Chairman Cyrier to ask for a hearing soon so we and our posterity will “Remember the Alamo!” Call his Capitol office: 512-463-0682.

You can also ask your own Texas State Representative to co-author HB 1836 to show their support.

All of us spend so much time and energy fighting for liberty. Let’s also take a moment to remember and honor those who paved the way for our liberties.

Please call Chairman Cyrier today: 512-463-0682


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