ACTION ALERT: Senate Alamo Cenotaph Bill Gets Hearing

The Alamo Cenotaph

ACTION ALERT: Senate Alamo Cenotaph Bill Gets Hearing

Another piece of legislation that would create protections for the Alamo Cenotaph has been scheduled for a hearing. However, it doesn’t actually protect the cenotaph.

Senate Bill 1400, filed by Senator Donna Campbell, has been scheduled for hearing in the Senate Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday, April 24th at 8:00 am in Room E1.012 at the Texas Capitol. On the surface it looks like a bill that would prevent the fragile and venerated Alamo Cenotaph from being relocated. It doesn’t.

Language in the bill would allow the Cenotaph to be temporarily moved for repairs or permanently if it is relocated within the Alamo Plaza. The specification of the Alamo Plaza may seem acceptable to some people who understand the Alamo Plaza as it is defined today. However, the General Land Office and the City of San Antonio have muddied the waters by specifying various locations as the “Alamo Plaza” after the implementation of the Alamo Master Plan, also known as the “Reimagine The Alamo” plan.

By placing the decision to move the cenotaph in the hands of the General Land Office, the Texas Historical Commission, and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, this bill would be a rubber stamp on the existing plans to move the cenotaph and risk damaging the priceless monument and minimizing the significance of the sacrifice of the Alamo defenders.

We encourage everyone to contact Senator Donna Campbell at (512) 463-0125 and tell her that you want the language of the bill changed to keep the cenotaph right where it is.

In addition, call all of the members of the Senate’s Natural Resources Committee and tell them that you want the Alamo Cenotaph protected and that SB 1400 does not do it.

Texas Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development

Chair: Sen. Brian Birdwell – (512) 463-0122
Vice Chair: Sen. Judith Zaffirini – (512) 463-0121
Sen. Pat Fallon – (512) 463-0130
Sen. Peter P. Flores – (512) 463-0119
Sen. Kelly Hancock – (512) 463-0109
Sen. Juan Hinojosa – (512) 463-0120
Sen. Bryan Hughes – (512) 463-0101
Sen. Borris L. Miles – (512) 463-0113 
Sen. Angela Paxton – (512) 463-0108
Sen. Beverly Powell – (512) 463-0110
Sen. José R. Rodríguez – (512) 463-0129

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