Do You Remember The Alamo?

The Texas Nationalist Movement does more than remember the Alamo. We work tirelessly to ensure that The Alamo is properly respected and that those who gave their lives there are properly memorialized. Since 2012 our members gather at the Alamo every month to honor the defenders who gave their lives for our independence. Connect with us below for more information on how you can march and remember with us.

Why We March

The TNM believes that it is important that we not only remember the legacy of those who fought and died for Texas independence. We believe that their legacy should be properly memorialized and honored. The Alamo, as the “Shrine of Texas Liberty” is one of the most hallowed site in Texas history and its defenders the most revered.

When We March

Since 2012, on the 2nd Saturday of every month, members of the Texas Nationalist Movement gather in San Antonio to memorialize the defenders of the Alamo by silently marching to the front of the Alamo and placing a wreath. No matter the weather, we march and we remember.

Who Can March

We welcome the participation of all who wish to honor the memory of those who gave their lives for the cause of a free and independent Texas and follow two simple guidelines.

  • The march is completely silent and orderly. This is a memorial, not a rally.
  • No signs or banners. We are there to memorialize, not politicize.

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