TNM Votes 2020

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TNM Votes 2020

This survey is only for candidates for public office. If you know a candidate for political office, share this survey with them. Let them know that your vote for them depends on this survey.

You are looking for votes. Our supporters are looking for standard bearers. The candidate survey is required to be considered for an endorsement by the TNM. Please answer all questions as completely as possible. The results of this survey will be made available to the members and supporters of the TNM. Only complete this survey if you have actually filed to run for an elected office.


Each candidate seeking the endorsement of the TNM will complete a candidate survey. This survey includes standard biographical data and measures the candidate on alignment with the TNM’s mission and values.


In this stage, each candidate who completes the survey will be thoroughly vetted using standard vetting techniques as well as advanced data analytics powered by IBM’s Watson supercomputer.


The final stage of the endorsement process will place the candidates before the membership of the TNM for a vote. Members can choose to endorse, not endorse, or oppose a candidate. Preference will be given to candidates who are current members of the TNM. NOTE: We do not endorse in federal races.


The survey period is now closed for the 2020 election cycle. Members are encouraged to vote on the candidates who submitted a survey by clicking the button below.