Ryan McCubbin

County Coordinator

About Me

Howdy ya’ll. I am a proud 2nd generation East Texan, born and raised in Gregg County and currently reside just inside Upshur County.  I am a Christian, a husband, and a father of three.

I am convinced that Texas Independence is the only viable political option for those of us who love freedom and want so see a bright future for our posterity. Powerful outside interests have controlled the destiny of Texas for over 100 years. They have filled our airwaves and internet with moral filth, poisoned our schools and universities, looted our treasure, and stood by callously for over 20 years while we have been invaded through our Southern border by illegal aliens.

Texas is it’s own nation. We have our own language, our own culture, our own people, and our own political state. It’s high time we extricate Uncle Sam from our pocket book and send the agents of DC home. They’ve done enough damage.

Texas is for Texans. Let’s take back what is rightfully ours.

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