Petition Processing Has Started

Petition Processing Has Started

After some technical issues that were handled expertly by our tech team, we are proud to announce that petition processing has begun.

We have begun the first stage of entering the petition counts into the system and assigning them to CPCs. As we continue to receive completed petition forms, the counter and leaderboard will be launched so that we can all track our progress toward the goal.

Two reminders…

First, if you have collected signatures and have completed pages that you have not submitted, you need to be turning these in every two weeks at a minimum. Sandbagging slows down the processing. If you have been collecting for more than two weeks and haven’t sent any in, do it now.

Next, please be sure to include your CPC ID at the top of each page. We’ve already had some issues with CPCs sending forms without IDs which, again, slows down the processing. As we begin to receive thousands of pages, submissions without ID will be placed on hold as completed forms will be prioritized.

Keep watching the petition page and the CPC Dashboard for updates.

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