District 1 News **Tyler Venue Change*** and Paris Meeting Follow Up

District 1 News **Tyler Venue Change*** and Paris Meeting Follow Up

Howdy Texans of District 1,

I trust you all are thawing out from the big winter chill we all had. I need to make you all aware of a few changes in our Calendar of Events and want to share some information that came up during our discussions at the Paris Meet-up weekend before last.

  1. The Tyler Meet-up will be held at a different venue due to a scheduling issue we had with the restaurant. Instead of Traditions, we will meet at Spring Creek Barbeque. Same date, same time, just a different venue. Spring Creek Barbeque’s address is 5810 S Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75703.
  2. The date of our Carthage Flag Wave has been moved to April 17th. Same time, same place.
  3. Our Mt. Pleasant Flag Wave that was cancelled due to the weather has been rescheduled to April 10th. Same original time and place.

Our Events Calendar will be changed to reflect the above corrections very soon and please don’t hesitate to email or call me with any questions you may have.

Paris Meeting Follow Up

We had a good meeting in Paris on the evening of the 20th. I wanted to post a few links and some commentary that may be helpful per our various discussions. The actions of the federal government over the last few months has served to magnify the severe dysfunction and total state of corruption of processes at the federal level. However, while this is shocking, it isn’t a new problem. The federal system has been broken and out of touch for generations. The failure to address the widespread fraud insures that there is no going back to 2016. Attempting to elect another Trump in 2024 won’t fix anything. Friends, the federal system is gone and we need to clean up our own house and cut bait with the feds. TEXIT is a proposition that is tangible, real, and offers true hope to those of you who want to live in a world where the government guarantees liberties and serves the people, not the other way around. We *must* pursue legitimate, legal, and political avenues of reform while we still have these at our disposal… and we do. While protesting doesn’t fix anything, we are not powerless. If you want to send a message, contact your representative and senator. Are they listening? If not, send them home. That’s the kind of message we need to think about sending. How do you do that? Join the TNM and organize with us. That’s how you take back your state. For those of you who I talked to about volunteering and coordinating, please fill out a volunteer form if you are interested.

To find information about contacting your state rep and senator: https://tnm.me/legislature/

To become an official supporter of the TNM: https://tnm.me/

To join the TNM: https://tnm.me/join/

To volunteer for the TNM: https://tnm.me/volunteer/

We need all of our supporters becoming involved with the movement. We need members and we need volunteers to help us continue to grow the movement and organize our areas. Sign up today. We are beginning to see reps being pulled our way on TIRA/HB 1359. We need to continue to ring Senator Hughes’s office and those of you in Representative Gary Van Deaver’s district need to continue to let him know you expect his support. Keep the pressure on and stay plugged into the TNM. Follow us on social media and help your local TNM group grow and become active. While there are reasons to be discouraged, there are plenty of reasons for hope. Our state and local systems of government haven’t fallen. They are tools that responsible citizens use wisely. Own them.

Dear patriots, the future of your liberty is in your hands, but you must work for it. We have roll up our sleeves and get to work in our cities and counties. We must grow our movement and take back our legislature. This is entirely doable. It’s been done once before and we can do it again. Remember the members of the Texian army that deserted Sam Houston? I don’t either because no one remembers their name. We remember the veterans of San Jacinto. Stay in the fight and see it through. Win your state’s freedom and secure your liberty and a better, more prosperous future for your posterity. See you around the district. -Ryan

Reunion of San Jacinto Veterans in Belton, 1883.


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