District 1 Update


Just a quick word to all of our supporters in District 1. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying a good summer. Your TNM volunteer team has been very busy the past few weeks planning and hosting events all over the District. We have begun our monthly meetings in Longview and Tyler and are scheduling weekly outreach events which provide ample opportunities for citizens to sign the TEXIT petition and fellowship with other TNM supporters. I’m pleased to report we now have an active volunteer group and new Local Coordinator in the northern part of our District, centering around the Paris area.

We have flag waves and petition signing events planned this Saturday in Lindale, White Oak, and Detroit and I encourage everyone to plan on attending one of these. Come out to sign the petition and let your voice be heard.

We have a great need for a local coordinator and deputy local coordinators in Harrison and Panola Counties, as well as an ongoing need for our supporters and members to become CPC certified to begin collecting signatures.

If you have ever wanted to get more involved with the TNM and push back, now is your chance. Every signature on our petition is a validation of our work and principles and puts us closer to the goal of a free and prosperous Texas. Roll up your sleeves and come join us Texans.

See you around the District.

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