Texas Needs You Now

Howdy Texans!

For those of you who missed Daniel’s announcement Monday, you should really take 15 minutes to watch it. In the announcement, he lays out the TNM’s strategy for winning independence over the next few months, and it is exciting.

Watch here–>  https://tnm.me/

So, what now?

Well, we need you.

We need all hands on deck. We still have a great need for local coordinators, local activity planners, and petition coordinators. If you have ever thought about volunteering for the TNM and becoming an active participant in the fight for liberty, now is the time. Local coordinators are forming groups of TNM members who get together on a regular basis and are helping recruit petition coordinators. Local activity planners are helping to plan events and outreach activities in their areas. We also are fielding petition coordinators who get some focused training on helping with our petition initiative. We need to field an army of volunteers.

We won’t make our deadline unless we have Texans step up and join the fight. I’ll repeat this. Now is the time.

If you want to help play a role in the making of history, then click here–> https://tnm.me/volunteer/

You can email me with any questions you have. Ryan.McCubbin@theTNM.org

For Liberty,

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