TNM District 1 News

Howdy Texans of District 1!

We have some events coming up on our calendar that you will have the opportunity to participate in. You can view the details on time and location here and scroll down on the web page to see them all.

Saturday, February 6, Longview Flag Wave

Saturday, February 20, Paris Meet and Greet

Saturday, March 6, Tyler Meet and Greet

Saturday  March 13, Longview Meet and Greet

We are attempting to schedule Flag Waves in Mt. Pleasant, Carthage, and Texarkana but need some input from local members on appropriate locations. If you know of a busy intersection or highway that is adjacent to a large parking lot in these three towns, please email me with suggested locations. The sooner we get these locations, the better.

Independence Referendum Update

The Texas Legislature has adjourned for a few days and will reconvene on February 9th. Now is a good time to reach out to your State Senator and State Representative to let them know that you expect them to support and cosponsor this bill and Texans deserve the right to determine their political destiny, not DC bureaucrats. If you have already contacted them, contact them again and encourage all of your friends and family to do so as well. If you receive any feedback from them, send me a short note on how they responded. We are keeping track of those officials who publicly support the right of Texans to self-determination and those who don’t, as the latter are blatantly denying the rights of Texans prescribed in the clear language of Article 1, Sections 1 and 2 of the Texas Constitution. Texas isn’t locked into an abusive political marriage but we do need to flex our grassroots muscles as they’ve never been flexed before.

Remember TEXIT is a process and not a single event tied to any particular legislative session. If you want to see Texas as an independent nation again, encourage the fellow Texans within your own sphere of influence to become a supporter, to join TNM, to volunteer, and begin to network and become politically active. We are building a TEXIT machine and we need all hands on deck. Lastly, if you think you might want to be a Local Coordinator of a county, county area, city, or city area, please email me asap.

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