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Howdy Texans.

My name is Ryan McCubbin and I am the District 1 Director for the TNM. One of my jobs as Director is to lead and organize outreach within the 16-county region that comprises our first State Senate District. Within the coming days, I’ll be sending out a schedule of events that we have planned for the 1st quarter of this year that will consist of flag-waves and meet-and-greets. We are planning on holding one of these in such a manner that there will be at least one within a reasonable driving distance of everyone in the district who wants to attend. For those of you who would like to attend a flag-wave event, now would be a good time to begin working on signs and making sure you have some flags. The Texas Independence flags can be found in the TNM website store. The Goliad, Gonzales, Lone Star flags are also appropriate to bring.

Getting Involved

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a few emails over the past couple of weeks from folks wanting to know how to get involved. If you are receiving this email, congratulations! You have already done a lot by crossing that line in the sand. Joining the TNM is a big first step to regaining your liberty and freedom. That being said, let me share with you a few action items that you can be doing right now at home.

Vist the TNM Website

Over the past 15 years of it’s existence, the TNM has amassed a collection of very helpful resources that are available to our members and can be accessed with a few strokes of the keyboard through the TNM website at So, the first thing I would encourage you to do is to go to the website and checkout the tabs. Read up on TEXIT and the TNM. Be sure to note our mission statement and principles. Our President, Daniel Miller, regularly updates the Insiders Blog that can be found on the Members tab and it has all the latest up-to-date information on what is going on with the TNM and TEXIT. Also found on the Members tab is the TNM Academy, where you can find some amazing videos, articles, and even ebooks to help expand your knowledge of Texas history, politics, and the process of TEXIT. Arm yourself with information that you can then share with folks inside your sphere of influence and win them to the cause. Visit the website often and spend some time with these materials.

Contacting Your Representatives

Most of you know that Congressman Biedermann’s Texas Independence Referendum bill is currently in legislative committee. We are asking all of our members to contact their state representatives and ask for their support on this bill. Of course, we have one State Senator and scattered throughout the district we have a half-dozen State Representatives. The TNM website has a page where you can find your elected representatives. Call them. Write them. Email them. Be polite and courteous of course, but let them know that you expect your voice to be heard and Texans deserve a say on Independence. They need to hear from you.

Become a Personal Ambassador for Texas Independence

Successful political movements require a certain quantity of dedicated individuals working within their respective spheres of influence to achieve their goals . We need more members. We need more voices demanding a vote on TEXIT. You have the power help move the ball forward as an individual member of the TNM. Everyone these days is concerned about the state of our land. The pandemic, the election and the aftermath of the election have been genuine catastrophes for our people. Use this opportunity to talk you your friends and family about the hope that TEXIT offers during these dark days. Help them understand that we don’t have to be in a union with states that hate us and we don’t have too be ruled over by corrupt criminals who don’t respect our traditions and way of life. Pass out TNM brochures and cards to your friends and family. They can be found on the website. Share the message of the TNM on social media. Like, share, and comment on our posts. By the way, we aren’t going to let the big-tech oligarchs slow us down.


The TNM needs voluteers. You can go to the TNM website and explore the opportunities that are offered through the TNM central office. After we get past this first quarter, we will begin organizing a District 1 volunteer network. I’ve had some of you reach out to me about working in your own neck of the woods and we certainly need that help and welcome those resources.

That’s all I have for now. I’m thankful for you all and look forward to working with you.

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