TNM District 1 Social Media

TNM District 1 Social Media

Howdy District 1,

TNM District 1 Social Media- PLUG IN

We have set up a separate Facebook group for District 1. We want to use this page as a communication tool to help build and organize our communities. If you are a supporter or member (which means you are getting this email) and live in District 1 then you are welcome to join us. The link is below. Once you answer the questions, an admin will bring you in. If you are on Facebook, please join us.

We also have a MeWe page and Telegram channel for additional resources and will be duplicating information there. Please sign up here as well if you participate in these networks. Bear in mind, these three platforms are administered by volunteers and aren’t official channels of the TNM organization.



We will continue to work on planting the TNM flag in our larger cities scattered throughout the District, attempting to organize our members and supporters, all with the goal of forming local groups that meet on a regular basis. Our meetings will begin to shift from informational meetings to organizational meetings this Spring. I want to strongly encourage you all to attend TNM events in your area and begin to network with other TNM supporters in your communities. Social media is a good venue for that first step.

Find your people and find your Local Coordinators and get to know them.

Let’s make Texas an independent nation y’all.


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