Calling Representatives

Calling Representatives

Many of you have been calling our Texas State Representatives and Senators to ask them to support the Texas Independence Referendum Bill, and we can not thank you enough for that. They need to hear from us in overwhelming numbers, so please keep it up. If you have already called, send an email. If you have already sent an email, make the call to their office. If you have already called and emailed, get a friend to do the same.

We want them to hear from us in a passionate but courteous and respectful manner. Tell them that you support the referendum and believe Texans should have a voice in determining their future instead of being dragged by Washington DC down a path inconsistent with Texas values. You can ask if they have decided to support the bill, but please remember that most of them will want to see the final bill’s language before publicly declaring support or opposition. Representative Biedermann will formally file the bill this Tuesday. Please continue to call your representative and Senator Larry Taylor (281-332-0003), but let’s make sure they view Texas Nationalist Movement members as passionate, courteous, and professional supporters of Texas Independence.

You can find your representative’s phone number on the Texas Nationalist Movement’s website in the “Action Center” under “My Legislators.”

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