Moving The Goal Post

Moving The Goal Post

Over the past few days, I have talked to several TNM members about the Texas legislative process, and where HB1359 is in that process. There are several aspects of the process that can affect HB1359 at this point, and the purpose of this email is to discuss one legislative roadblock that we are likely facing right now. In Texas, a bill can be thrown out or “killed” by the Speaker of the House or a committee and never voted on in the legislature. As Speaker, Dade Phelan can simply decide that HB1359 is not worth the effort and unilaterally “kill” it. One way to decrease the chances of this happening is to build a significant base of citizen supporters. That is what we have done by increasing Texas Nationalist Movement membership and registering supporters. At this time, we have built a support base of nearly 402,000 pledged supporters of HB1359. If Phelan were to “kill” the bill outright, backlash against him would be severe. To avoid that, he could choose to give HB1359 to a committee that is likely to throw it out. Many key pieces of legislation have been “killed” in this manner in recent years, and it is a very effective political “arm twisting” tool. If other representatives sponsor or co-author a bill, it puts pressure on the speaker to allow the bill to transition smoothly through a friendly committee. Co-authors do not guarantee that a bill will be voted on in the legislature, but they help tremendously. Of course, the more co-authors that a bill has, the better chance it has to advance through the legislative process to a vote.

I want to get right to the point. While we are seeing some movement from several State Representatives, it is becoming clear that most of them are quietly hoping that HB1359 gets “killed” in committee so there is no need to go on record in support of or in opposition to it. Despite the multitude of phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and visits to offices, most are simply choosing to pretend that this issue does not exist, and that our voice – your voice – isn’t worth listening to and is easily dismissed. That is a slap in the face of Texans who sent them to Austin to do what is necessary to preserve freedom and individual liberty for Texans, and to protect and re-establish the rights of the State of Texas under the US and Texas Constitutions. It is time to take the gloves off.

Decency dictates that representatives should be given ample time to review a bill before publicly declaring support or opposition to that bill. HB1359 was filed over 10 days ago, and every representative was provided with a copy of the bill as early as November 2020, well before it was filed. More than enough time has been given to decide if Texans should be allowed to have a voice and a vote. We are not asking them to commit to secession or independence, we are simply asking to be able to publicly debate and decide for ourselves. Personally, I believe it is beyond insulting that as free men and women we must resort to pleading with our public servants to allow us a choice in our own future and endure vicious attacks, insults, and character assassination from legislators for daring to ask. I and other members of the Texas Nationalist Movement leadership team have offered to speak to each representative in SD 11. If any of them had an inclination to support HB1359, surely they would want to discuss it with the organization responsible for writing the bill. With the exception of Cody Vasut, who indicated that his inclination is to abstain entirely, none of the representatives in Senate District 11 have even acknowledged our attempts to contact them. Briscoe Cain and Mayes Middleton have been mute on the subject. Ed Thompson has not acknowledged our attempts to contact him, but he privately indicated that he is “concerned about the language” of the bill. To put it bluntly: When it comes to allowing YOU to decide YOUR future, Cain and Middleton can not be bothered, Thompson doesn’t like the way we are asking, and Vasut can not decide what his opinion is. We deserve better representation, and we demand better representation. There is time for them to be that better representation that we demand, but time is running out. I believe that each of them have the ability and desire to be the champions of liberty that Texans deserve.

Texans send legislators to Austin with the expectation that they will protect and promote our individual liberties and assert the rights of the State of Texas, yet year after year, we lose more liberty and federal overreach further erodes the rights of the State of Texas. Texans are angry. I am angry. The Texas Legislature continues to allow the federal government to abuse the rights, freedoms, and liberties of Texans while looking the other way. We need to send a clear message that we demand that they stand up to protect and preserve the inherent rights and liberties of Texans. I am calling on each of you to call your respective representative and let them know that we will not allow them to sit on the sidelines while the federal government erodes our rights. TEXIT will be a primary voting issue for all supporters of Texas independence in the 2022 elections. Anything short of co-authoring HB1359 will be considered a vote in opposition to it and a vote to silence the voices of the hundreds of thousands of Texans that support Texas independence.

  • Briscoe Cain – (512) 463-0733 / (832) 779-8128
  • Cody Vasut – (512) 463-0564 / (979) 922-5156
  • Ed Thompson – (512) 463-0707 / 281-485-6565
  • Mayes Middleton – (512) 463-0502 / (409) 621-5060

For anyone that likes to use a script when calling, I will include a suggestion at the end of this email. It is only a suggestion and you are encouraged to personalize your message as you see fit. The point is to let these representatives know that sitting by quietly in the hopes that this bill will be “killed” is not acceptable. They must either vocally support the right of Texans to choose for themselves, or they support silencing us. There is no middle ground, and there is no compromise.

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” – Barry Goldwater

Suggested Script:

I am calling in reference to House Bill 1359. The result of HB1359 will be a primary voting issue for me in the 2022 election. I am calling on Representative _____________ to co-author this bill. Anything less than co-authoring HB1359 will be considered a vote against it and a vote to silence me and the thousands of Texans in this House District that pledged support of Texas Independence. We demand to have our voices heard on this issue.

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