A new line of attack

I want to thank those of you who were able to make it to the Flag Wave at the Denton County Republican Party meeting yesterday March 18, 2021.  I hope to see you again.  To the rest of you who weren’t able to make it I hope to see you at the next event.

The directive from Headquarters is to keep up the pressure on our elected officials so that they will come out in support of the #Texit bill HB1359.   I know a lot of you have phoned and emailed your representatives.  To my knowledge, so far none of the representatives whose districts fall within SD 12 have come out in support of the #Texit bill.

Here is a list of the house districts that fall within SD12:


District Representative County
63  Representative Tan Parker Denton
64  Representative Lynn Stucky Denton
65  Representative Michelle Beckley (D) Denton
90  Representative Ramon Romero Tarrant
93  Representative Matt Krause Tarrant
97  Representative Craig Goldman Tarrant
98  Representative Giovanni Capriglione Tarrant
99  Representative Charlie Geren Tarrant
106  Representative Jared Patterson Denton


I would like us to start using a different line of attack when attempting to influence our elected representatives.  We will try to build more support for the bill at the grassroots level by attempting to get Precinct Chairs on our side.

To that end, I am asking you all to find out who your Precinct Chairs are.  Your voting precinct is shown on your voter ID card.  The Republican ones are probably more receptive to the idea of #Texit than the Democratic ones are, and are probably more numerous.  Once you have determined who your precinct chair is, call them and ask them if they support the #Texit bill HB1359, and if they are willing to put pressure on their representative to support it.  Elected officials generally listen to Precinct Chairs more than ordinary constituents because they rely on the Precinct Chairs to organize their ground game during elections.

Once you have done this please reach out to me by phone or e-mail and tell me how it went.  As usual, you can ask me any questions if something is unclear, or if you need help finding out who your precinct chair is.

Link to Denton GOP precinct chair page

Precinct Chairs | Denton GOP

Precinct Chairs

Link to Tarrant GOP precinct chairs

2020-2022 Executive Committee (Website) – Google Sheets



Oh, and if you see the position is vacant, consider applying to fill it.  That will give you more influence within the party.

Thanks again for your commitment to Texas Independence.

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