District 17 Update

Howdy Texans!

As you know, we are continuing the TEXIT Petition drive.  There is no guarantee, but with the pending redistricting lawsuits, we feel there is a good chance that the filing deadline will be reopened.  Please keep collecting signatures if you are a CPC or send people to the online petition at www.tnm.me/texitpetition.

We are very excited to announce the upgraded groups page, tnm.me/localgroups.  Please go onto the page and join the group closest to you.  If the group does not have a Local Coordinator or Deputy Local Coordinator, please apply for the petition.  If your city does not have a local group, please apply to start up the group by going to www.tnm.me/local and apply to be a Local Coordinator.  Texas Independence will be won by having hundreds of active Local Groups spread out all over Texas.

When you visit your Local Group page, you will notice a green Donate button.  We would like everyone to donate on the Local Group page.  This will give the Local Group credit for the donations and the group can use 50% of the credits for local outreach.

We will be coming out with a Texas First Pledge very shortly.  We need your help to reach out to every candidate running from County races to Statewide races to sign the Texas First Pledge.  We are in the process of organizing training and procedures to start blockwalking and phone banking to support the Take Texas Back and Texas First candidates.

I am looking for people with experience with blockwalking.  If you have experience please respond to this email with your name, city, and mobile phone number.

If you have any contacts in Republican Party, True Texas Project, Tea Party, or Conservative Clubs, please ask them to invite Daniel Miller to come and speak by going to CONTACT | Daniel Miller for Lt. Governor (danielomiller.com) and press the button “Invite Daniel to Speak”.

I have a challenge for everyone.  Text, email, or share the online TEXIT Petition link with one person per day: www.tnm.me/texitpetition.  If everyone takes this challenge, we will meet our goal in no time.

God Bless you and God Bless Texas!

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