Local Coordinators Wanted!

This is Travis  Mcqueen, your  District Director for Senate District 17, represented by Senator Joan Huffman. I’m very excited about the petition process, and I’m sure you are as well.  I cannot thank you enough for being a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) and for giving your time and support to Texas Independence.

Today, I’m writing to ask folks to interview for the volunteer position of “Local Coordinator” within the TNM. Our Senate District is spread out far and wide, from central Houston to Katy and south to Sugar Land, Lake Jackson, and all the way to the Gulf Coast. We need several Local Coordinators to cover this large area.

Local Coordinator Responsibilities

  • LCs are passionate about the TNM’s mission, excited about interacting with people, understand the necessity for organization and a high degree of professionalism, and flexible enough to withstand changes that are a normal part of building and maintaining a statewide organization 
  • Help establish and grow a TNM local group that meets monthly. Additionally (through the help of a Deputy Local Coordinator of Activities if the position is filled), they will plan and execute two outreach activities per month. 
  • They will participate in regular video conferences with field leadership, be publicly accessible to members and supporters in their area, call/text/email to participants of their local group, and administrate the TNM website, social media-style group. 
  • They will learn and communicate the principles and mission of the TNM for use in one-to-one interactions as well as through hosting their local meetings. :They will recruit and mentor additional volunteer leaders in their group and inspire group participants to accomplish the TNM’s mission through group activities.


  • works under a Local Coordinator when one is present and helps jumpstart planning and executing activities in your local area.
  • This position will be responsible for a minimum of two outreach activities per month like flag waves, information booths, or block walking.
  • In the absence of a Local Coordinator, this person will maintain other duties and roles of the LC with the exception of planning and hosting local meetings

If you want to become a Local coordinator,  please email me back and send 1) your town or area and 2) a good number and time to reach you. We’ll meet in person, get to know each other, and if it’s a good match, you’ll have the job.

God Bless You All And May God Bless Texas

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