March 15 Update – Events this Week!

March 15 Update – Events this Week!

Congratulations! The journey along the path to Texas Independence is moving along nicely. The Texas Independence Referendum Act was introduced by Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg in December, got a bill number — HB1359, and recently, was moved to the State Affairs committee in Austin! Currently, we have five representatives signed on, and your work to call and visit your representatives is paying off.

We had a flag wave in Lake Jackson last weekend, organized by Travis McQueen, your Local Coordinator. Hundreds of people waved, gave us a “thumbs up”, and honked in agreement with Texas Independence!

Next on our agenda is to organize a series of flag waves and peaceful demonstrations at our House Representatives’ offices. I need your help, because we have nine offices to cover, and they’re spread out. Please email me at to lend me a hand. And please, keep those calls and visits to the reps coming!

Upcoming Events in Our Area

Entire District

Sunday, March 21 – 2 pm – 5 pm — Sugar Land, Texas — Daniel Miller will be speaking at the “Unite for Freedom” rally. Come learn from doctors what the mainstream media won’t publish about covid, masks, and more. Plus, learn from Daniel Miller how Texas Independence is the answer to Texans’ reclaiming our God-given rights. Bring your families and friends!!

Central Houston

Weekly Wednesday Planning Meeting and TNM Meetup — Get updated on Texit, get involved in upcoming events, and do some business networking, too. Click here for more information!

Thursday, April 1 – Downtown Houston — Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 1st, 4:30-7:30 pm! We’re going to find out how many Texit supporters we have in the downtown area. Whoop! Keep your eye on the TNM Events page for the official listing.

Energy Corridor/Memorial Area

Saturday, March 20 – 2:30 p.m. – Pappy’s Cafe — John Benton, your Local Coordinator is hosting a meet and greet and planning meeting. It’s time to get loud and proud in HD133, and we need all hands on deck. Click here for more information!

It’s an honor and a privilege to serve beside you in this fight for Texas Independence. I don’t claim to know a lot of history, but what I do know from the Bible and my history lessons is that people don’t gain liberty by simply asking for it. It takes pressure and a war — an information war, in our case — to gain it. Don’t even think of letting up or resting until our independence is won! 

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