Rise Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Rise Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

First of all, thank you for your many calls, letters, and visits to your state representative, members of the State Affairs Committee, and other members of the Texas Legislature. 

Congratulations!! Because of your hard work and dedication, we are at this point in time when we need you to testify regarding Texit and Texas Independence by this Saturday, May 8th.

Bill HB1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act, is sitting in the State Affairs Committee, and we, the people of Texas are taking the initiative! Our voices will not be silenced anymore. Please go to the link below, read the instructions, and submit your video testimony to be delivered to every member of the Texas government. Use your words and your passion. We need real people testifying — acting and modelling experience are unnecessary!! 

CLICK HERE! —–>https://tnm.me/hb1359/ 

After you’ve done that, please check the TNM events page and come to a meetup, speech or gathering.

We want to see your bright smile and share in your excitement for a better Texas. Would you please share this email and forward it to another Texit supporter? There are a lot of questions about Texit, and the answers are right here

Texas First! Texas Forever!

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