SD 17 Update – Call Chris Paddie!!

SD 17 Update – Call Chris Paddie!!

Howdy, Texas Patriots in SD 17!

I wanted to acknowledge and welcome our Local Coordinators!  Travis McQueen in Lake Jackson; John Benton in Memorial/Energy Corridor; Kandy Hayles in Katy/Memorial; and Tom Pierson in Sugar Land/Missouri City. These folks are looking for venues like restaurants, community meetings, and other public places to spread the word about Texas Independence and the TNM. And they’re looking for more local help in Bellaire, Uptown, Angleton, Surfside, and just about wherever YOU live. Can you help us? Drop me an email and let me know!

Update on HB1359… The bill which allow us all to voice our opinion on Texas Independence is stalled in the State Affairs committee, and we’re running out of time. We need you to give Rep. Chris Paddie a call today and every day this week at 512-463-0556. He’s the chairman of the committee and if he doesn’t give it a hearing soon, the bill will likely die in committee.

Wednesday morning means breakfast at Annie’s Hamburgers! Yum. Come for a Texit update and planning. Our work is a marathon, not a sprint, so help us promote Texas Independence by staying on top of the latest news. I’ll give a detailed update on our trip to the Capitol last week in this Wednesday’s meeting.

Finally, we’re having an information booth at the Crosby American Legion Gun Show this weekend in Crosby, Texas. If you’re interested in working our booth, please email me ASAP. We’ll have a Zoom training on Wednesday night, and it’s mandatory.

Once again, call Chris Paddie at 512-463-0556. We need you to pressure the legislature!!

Texas First, Texas Forever!

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