Thank you for all your hard work in our petition drive.  Some of you have expressed frustration about the low numbers of signed petitions on the leaderboard.  I share you frustration.  But I have good news.  Leadership has provided a sort of road map to accomplishing our goal of 80,000.  It’s going to take all of us working hard AND we’re each going to need to commit to the number of petition signatures we think we will be able to turn in by Dec. 1st.  Here’s the framework:



# Petition Signatures          # CPC’s Needed             TOTAL PETITIONS

           30                                     300                              9,000

         100                                      150                            15,000

         200                                        75                            15,000

         500                                        40                            20,000

      1,000                                         15                            15,000

      2,000                                          3                              6,000

                                                  _______                       _______

                                                     583                             80,000

So, the more petition signatures each of you can commit to, the fewer CPC’s will be needed to get to 80,000.  Conversely, the fewer petition signatures you can commit to, the more CPC’s we’ll need.  Hope this makes sense.  Leadership will be rolling this out soon.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Also, I want to encourage all of you to try to attend the CPC webinars held on Thursday evenings to keep abreast of how things are going and tips on how to be successful in your petition signing events.  And please think about encouraging others to become CPC’s to help out.

Thanks again for doing your part to make Texas a country again!!


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