Crunch time for our petition campaign!!

Crunch time for our petition campaign!!

Thought for the day:  Many hands make light work (John Heywood, 1546).

Greetings, All.

We’re down to crunch time in our TNM petition drive.  We have 606 CPC’s, but only 188 CPC’s have turned in signed petitions.  In our Senate District 18, we have 44 CPC’s but only 16 have turned in signed petitions.  I know many of our CPC’s are new and haven’t had time to gather signatures and get them notarized and sent in, but quite a few have been CPC’s for quite some time.

So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … do your best to send in your signed, notarized petitions every couple of weeks.  You can check on the TNM website for a notary near you.  Also, banks and church offices usually will notarize documents free of charge.

Texas is counting on each of us to do our part to make Texas independent again!!  We can’t let this unique opportunity slip by!!

Thank you all for your hard work.  Let’s WIN!!

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