Not to steal from the Navy, but it is time for “ALL HANDS ON DECK”!!

Not to steal from the Navy, but it is time for “ALL HANDS ON DECK”!!

Members and supporters in Senate District 18, it is time to step up and be counted!!

We have 3 Local Coordinators (LC’s)  in our District  and they are very busy and really need your help.  Due to privacy concerns, LC’s are unable to access the TNM membership roster to learn who all the members and supporters are in their areas, and they need to know who is on the team.  Can they count on you?

If you are willing to help please contact the Local Coordinator nearest you and let them know.  Even if you are already helping out, please respond with your preferred contact information.

Fayette County LC:             James Gilliam           979-249-3027 

Jackson County LC:            Kelly Janica                361-771-5449 

Aransas County LC             Jayne Robertson       970-214-7525 

If none of the above LC’s are close to you and you are willing to help out, please contact:

District Director SD 18       Mary Matthews         979-865-8660

Thank you all for your help in making Texas independent again!!

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