District 22 Update

Howdy Everyone!

I pray everyone has made it out of the big freeze!

We are now entering a very critical 30 days.  We need everyone to keep calling their state representatives and Senator Brian Birdwell.  We are still waiting for HB1359 to be assigned to a committee.  Therefore, we need to call Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan from Beaumont, District 21.  His Austin # is 512 463-1000.  His district # is 409 745-2777.  We need HB1359 assigned to a favorable committee.  Make his phones ring off the hook.  Also, keep the pressure on the Texas Republican Party.

We have a lot of events going on this Saturday throughout District 22.  I hope everyone can make it out to at least one of the events.  It is a lot of fun meeting other like minded Texans.

  • February 27 Flag Wave – Granbury                    11:00 to 2:00

735 E Hwy 337                                   In front of Wal-Mart along Hwy 337


  • February 27 Flag Wave – Corsicana                    11:00 to 2:00

1911 W 7th Ave.                                In front of Harbor Freight along 7th Ave.


  • February 27 Flag Wave – Burleson                     11:00 to 2:00

921 SW Wilshire Blvd                      next to Murphy USA along Wilshire


  • February 27 Flag Wave – Midlothian                 11:00 to 2:00

2040 FM 663                                      SE Corner of Hwy 287 and FM 663

Our Local Coordinators need help organizing other events.  Please lookup the coordinator in your area and offer your help.  We need other event ideas other than flag waves.  I know we have a lot creative people out there. We need you!  Now is the time to make HISTORY!

First Name Last Name Email City County Responsibility
Jason Gray jalgray1@yahoo.com Morgan Bosque Bosque and Somervell County
Wesley Flanagan maverickdroneservices@gmail.com Waxahachie Ellis Ellis County
Shirley Race srace997@yahoo.com Whitney Hill North Hill and South Johnson County
Shane Watson swatson584@yahoo.com Whitney Hill South Hill and North McLennan County
Don Corley sencon89@gmail.com Granbury Hood Hood County
James Stegall ImageJamesS@gmail.com Burleson Johnson Northeast Johnson and Southeast Tarrant County
Misty Whitley-Fowler b72m70fowler@gmail.com Burleson Johnson North Johnson
Mary Ann Cody macintejas@aol.com Waco McLennan South McLennan and Falls County
William Barnes bbarnes@artincarpet.com Frost Navarro Navarro County

I bought 250 TEXIT yard signs and divided them up and gave them to the Local Coordinators.  I wanted to get more, but I had to personally donate half the amount to purchase these signs.  With over 1200 people receiving this email, 250 signs will not go far.  I want to personally thank everyone that donated to buy the signs.  Please contact your Local Coordinator to obtain your sign.

I would like to buy more signs as soon as possible, but I need more donations from everyone that is financially capable of donating.  Donations can be sent through PayPal to paul.robie@thetnm.org.  Please select sending to friends or family to prevent PayPal from deducting a fee.

We need prayer warriors to give us wisdom, bravery, strength, and perseverance to keep fighting for the Freedom of all Texans!

God Bless Texas!

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