What Is Next?

As the legislative comes to a close, we once again see that our voices are not being listened to. Not just on HB1359 but on many bills Texans feel are important.

Just because our elected representatives did not do what is right doesnt mean we will stop our efforts. In fact this means we need to work harder as Texans to spread our message of hope to every corner of Texas. We also need to focus on putting in representation that will listen and support Texas Independence.

I need your help with this process. We have yet to get any local coordinators in District 24. Local Coordinators are the eyes, ears, and planners for the TNM. They plan the events for their area, set up local meetings, and are the point person for our efforts all across the district.

We are also looking for people who want to run for office. If you are tired of nothing getting done in the Texas House/Senate, and think you can do a better job, please go to http://Tnm.me/runforoffice.

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