Welcome to District 25

Welcome to District 25

I’m Rob Burgess, your District 25 Director for the Texas Nationalist Movement.  I’m delighted and honored to be your Director and looking forward to meeting you and working with you to drive towards Texit. You made a good decision by joining the TNM. With the recent filing of the Texit vote bill by Rep. Kyle Biedermann (Biedermann to File Legislation For Texit Referendum – Kyle Biedermann­), 2021 will be a big year for Texas Nationalism.  As your District Director and I would now like to request that you begin to make an impact by going to the following website:

Who Represents Me? (texas.gov)

and search for your state Senate and House representatives.  You can click the email link on their homepages for each and send them a message to support Rep. Biedermann’s bill.  If you need language for this, I’ve suggested some below:

Dear Senator/Rep. _________:

As your voting constituent and a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement (www.tnm.me), I respectfully request your support of Rep. Biedermann’s recently-filed bill to bring the vote on Texas becoming an independent nation to the people of Texas. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, and thank you for considering this bill.

I suggest that you also call them and, if unable to speak directly with them, leave a message voicing your support for Rep. Biedermann’s Texit bill.

Thank you, and again I look forward to working with you towards Texas independence!

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