ACTION: Upcoming Events in District 4!

ACTION: Upcoming Events in District 4!

Howdy District 4 Texians!

First, I’d like to take a moment to recognize a member who has really stepped up to assist in the TEXIT effort by organizing meets, coming out to get signatures, and calling on others to do the same. Walt Mardik of Conroe has been a wonderful right hand who is just about done with the vetting process to become a Local Coordinator (LC). He’s not only helped me out a ton but also assists SD7’s DD, Hutch Hutchison. The man is relentless!

Second, we are planning a huge turnout at the annual Come And Take It Festival in Gonzales (it’s on the event calendar, Oct 1 -3). It was on October 2nd, 185 years ago the people of Gonzales defiantly withheld a small cannon from the Mexican Army. Two women by the names of Caroline Zumwalt and Eveline DeWitt, quickly crafted a flag with an image of a cannon and the words “Come and Take It” which was flown over the cannon that day. The festival has been going on for almost 70 years and celebrates the moment the Texas Revolution began. What better place to gather signatures for the referendum to put the vote of Texas Independence on a ballot than the place where Texians began the fight for it? So book your hotels, bring your campers, clipboards with petitions and let’s get some Texans on board! If you’d like more info on the festival itself, here’s the link: Come & Take It Music Lineup – Gonzales Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture (

Finally, for those of you close to the state line in the Beaumont & Nederland area, SD7’s DD Hutch Hutchison is planning to be there on October 9th to gather signatures. The exact location is still in the works (should you have any suggestions feel free to pass them along), but coming soon. We’ve had a lot of interest for a petition event so make plans to come out and get ‘er done! For those who don’t know, Nederland is TNM’s headquarters so, yes of course, we’ve sorely needed this event and Hutch has graciously stepped up to put it together. Please keep an eye on the events calendar for the location.

As you can see, we’ve been busy and it’s only going to get busier. We have a goal to reach and we need everyone out there to start pulling together to help us get TEXIT on the next primary ballot. Signing a petition isn’t enough. Please visit Become A Certified Petition Circulator ( to become a CPC and help us get these petitions in front of as many people as you can. The border crisis, mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal, and the latest outright trampling of people’s rights with the vaccine mandate – Texans are crying out for an answer and TEXIT is it…

Texas First, Texas Forever.

See y’all out there.


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