Back from COVID!

Greetings District 4 Supporters!

I have to apologize for the lack of presence lately as COVID had other plans for me. I went through 11 straight days of fever, chills, and no energy. This stuff is ZERO fun let me tell you… and after it was just about done, my daughter came down with it and we all went back into quarantine/isolation. I’m happy to report everyone is healthy and well at this point and I am ready to knock the dust off and get back to TEXIT.

With that being said, I’m really anxious to see if there is anyone who would like to step up and apply to be a Local Coordinator (LC). So far, it’s been me, myself and I attempting to gather signatures, set up meets, answer emails, calls, etc and it would be so nice if anyone in my district could help. So if you’re out there wanting to know what you can do to help, that is the most vital role we need filled in SD4. After that, I would say please consider becoming CPCs (petition circulators) because it’s one thing to sign your name on the petition but a whole lot more to print them out and start gathering signatures yourself. We need way more boots on the ground and CPCs are precisely where the rubber meets the road. Feel free to reach out to me and ask me how you can do this….

Our next meet will be on Saturday the 18th at Rudy’s in Conroe. 8 AM. I plan to be COVID-free and attend! Tacos and coffee what more could you want?! If you said “an independent Texas!” you’re exactly who we need in our ranks!

Texas First, Texas Forever!

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