Let’s Win Independence!

Let’s Win Independence!

Howdy, Texas Patriot!

Have you had enough of the federal government and most of the Texas Legislature, too? Our so-called leaders have demonstrated their every effort to squash our individual rights, and enough is enough!

As our Texit petition signature campaign gathers momentum, we need real supporters doing real work —which is not a four-letter word!— to bring independence to the people of Texas.

Wherever you live in Senate District 5, we need you. In particular, I’m recruiting leaders in these areas…

– Williamson County

– Navasota

– Bryan/College Station

– Fairfield and Buffalo

– Rockdale

– Madisonville and Centerville

– Caldwell

Whether or not you’ve signed up as a TNM volunteer in the past… If you want to help, please email or call me. My contact information is below.

Your neighbors and friends need our help getting the petition to their area. Please, volunteer a few hours a month to get this done.

Let’s win Texas Independence!

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