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Howdy, and thank you for being a supporter of the Texas Nationalist Movement!

My name is Sheryl, and I’m your TNM representative for Texas Senate District 5. My family is both new and old to College Station. We lived here from 2008-18, moved to Houston for three years, and now we’re back and glad to be home. If you haven’t checked a map lately, our district runs from Round Rock in the west to Huntsville in the east, and from Fairfield down to Navasota. Such a great area with a little bit of city and a whole lot of farm and ranch land. There’s not an ugly drive to be found in our district!

The Texas Nationalist Movement is committed to securing and protecting the political, economic, and cultural independence of the nation of Texas. I joined the TNM last November. For decades, I saw the decline of the federal government and the willingness of people to turn over their individual freedom in exchange for bureaucratic programs and handouts. We’re taxed at every possible opportunity – gasoline, utilities, consumer products, real estate, hotels, income, death, and more – only to have that money put into legislators’ pockets, wasted on bureaucratic paper trails, or sent into oblivion to nations or states who misuse it. “In God We Trust” has been turned into “In Big Government We Serve.” The day our general elections were stolen was the day I said, “No more.” I read Daniel Miller’s book, _Texit_, and I further educated myself on the factual, actual state of affairs. I turned to God, and I prayed for freedom from the tyranny of our overbearing governments in Washington and Austin. The TNM proved to me that I wasn’t alone, and now, I am blessed to get to know you and welcome you to an action-oriented group that loves Texas first and forever!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be kicking off events around our district, and I need your help. We are in the middle of a petition drive to get Texit (Texas Independence referendum) on the ballot in the spring primaries. I need volunteers to get certified to collect signatures, to show me places where we can meet each other in person, and to organize events surrounding our petition drive. My phone number and email address are at the bottom of this email, and you can also hit the Volunteer web page on our site.

Not a TNM member yet? Or maybe your membership has lapsed? No worries, just click on this link and five minutes later, you’ll be set to go.

Texas First, Texas Forever!

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