Greetings TNM District 7 Texians!

Greetings TNM District 7 Texians!

Hello All,

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Steve Tichenor, the new District Director for Senate District 7 for the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM). You can reach out to me anytime, and I am not far away.

I am excited to be on-board and look forward to meeting you at some upcoming events within the District. Keep an eye out on the EVENTS section of the website. Look for a flag-wave in a week or two in Tomball. For that, we’ll be waving Texas, TNM, and Texas Independence flags only, so plan to get one if you can but come with or without.  You’ll also get an email notification for events in our district, with all the details.

The TNM is growing rapidly, and we want to build on that momentum.  With over 402,000 supporters, our Legislators are hearing our voices more and more.  With HB #1359 filed in the House, we need to all call or write our Representatives asking them to sign-on and co-author the bill and for our Senator to sponsor the same kind of bill in the Senate and/or support HB #1359 when it gets to the Senate. We constituents define their priorities by how many of us express to them what we are passionate about.

I am here to help you, and of course, you can help me too.  Just let me know your thoughts anytime.

Best Regards,


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