The meet-up in Old Town Spring was one Die-Hard group of Texians!  When 40% of the group has already taken the TEXIT message to the halls of the Capitol in Austin, and I’m not one of them, I am both totally blown away impressed and scrambling to catch-up at the same time.  HATS OFF TO THEM!

Look for the upcoming Representative Huberty district office visit, video TEXIT message recording, and Flag Wave event on Saturday, April 3.

The Most Important thing to take action on at this stage continues to be calling, visiting, and writing (snail-mail) Elected State Officials.  Keep TEXIT their number one issue and pressure-point.

#1 Action Item:  Call State Affairs Committee Chair Chris Paddie.  He determines whether or not the bill will get a hearing.  Call his office right now and tell him to schedule Representative Biedermann’s HB 1359 for a hearing immediately.  His Capitol office number is (512) 463-0556.

 #2 Action Item:   Call, and make a plan to visit Austin too.  Make it a fun field trip and enjoy the day.  It will be memorable.   If you are not able to talk to the elected official directly, ask for a Legislative Staffer.  Tell them you would like your issues registered and communicated to the elected official.  Be sure they take your name, address, and zip, to confirm you are their district constituent.

  1. Tell them Rep. Kyle Biedermann’s Texas Independence Act, HB 1359, is gaining support from Texans
  2. Ask Representatives to sign on to House bill HB 1359 as a co-author
  3. Ask everyone else to support  Texas Independence
  4. Ask them, or their staff, where they stand on the issue, how this ranks on their list, etc.
  5. Tell them whether or not they personally support independence, that they are the People’s representative, and that you are asking them  to support the People’s right to decide and vote in a referendum this November
  6. REPEAT THIS WEEKLY, with State Rep. and Speaker of the House being priority now, only if you can’t get to all 5 of the officials below.

Be respectful, so they will take your call the next time.  Discuss your issues, etc.  Enjoy the interaction! 

***Your State Representative:   or

***Speaker of the House Dade Phelan (R):   (512) 463-1000

Senator Paul Bettencourt (R):  (512) 463-0107

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R):   (512) 463-0001

Governor Greg Abbott (R):  (512) 463-2000

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