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Welcome To TNM!

We’re so glad to have you join us in the leading movement to make Texas the freest, most independent nation in the world.

Here at TNM, we believe that when supporting a mission as vital as restoring and protecting our great state, you need to keep things simple. That’s why we deal with one issue alone: TEXIT. 

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How TEXIT Can Happen

We’re so glad to have you here as Texas is closer than ever to becoming a free and self-governing nation.

All we need to secure our independence is a vote from the people of Texas, and we’re working everyday to make that happen.

Here’s what we’ve got going for us.

Watch this video to learn more about how we can TEXIT:

We cannot accomplish this without your immediate help and support.
We are an organization of volunteers and you can help free Texas by:

Volunteer Today To Make TEXIT Happen

We are closer to TEXIT than we have ever been. But we need the support of brave volunteers, like yourself, to help cross the finish line.

Supporting TEXIT is a great way to become an active member in your community and fight for an independent and free nation. 

Here’s how you can help: 

Every small action makes a big impact when it comes to securing Texas Independence. 

Join us today by becoming one of our trusted volunteers

Got some questions about TEXIT ?

We’ve got you covered. 

Whether you want to educate yourself more on how our great state can gain independence or have someone in your life who’s asking you the tough questions, we’re here to help.

As the leading movement in TEXIT, TNM has a vast wealth of resources on our website to tackle any question or reservation you may have about this effort.

Below are some questions that we get asked the most. Feel free to share these short and informative videos with your friends – TEXIT is possible and closer than ever!

Become A TNM Member

We want to invite you to join us and become an official member of The Texas Nationalist Movement. As a TNM member, you’ll be united with over 622,509 supporters in the movement to restore and establish Texas’ independence.
Memberships are a donation of:

You’ll enjoy exclusive perks including webinars, free swag, access to local TNM groups, and early access to TNM events and news alerts.

We hope you consider joining us and thousands of other brave Texans in this cause – we are a volunteer organization and every membership means a great deal to us.

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