Since 2005, the Texas Nationalist Movement has been on the front lines of Texas independence, fighting for your right of self-government. In that time, we have taken support for an independent Texas to historic levels and are now closer than ever to securing a vote on independence. We have successfully advocated for pro-Texas legislation that has moved us even closer to independence. As one of the largest self-determination movements in the world, we know that our members are making a difference, not just here in Texas, but also around the world. Join with us and let’s build on our success together.

In addition to the TNM’s year-round, effective advocacy on pro-independence issues you will receive:

  • Priority support from the TNM HQ
  • Access to quarterly members-only online townhall
  • Priority access to ticketed TNM events
  • Access to exclusive organizational reports
  • Access to exclusive insider briefings
  • Access to members-only online discussion
  • Eligibility to vote on TNM candidate endorsements
  • Eligibility to serve in TNM leadership
  • Eligibility to submit project and policy proposals
  • No fundraising phone calls

Only click the button below if you believe that Texans are strong enough, smart enough, and good enough to stand as a nation among nations and believe that the work to achieve Texas independence is, at least, worth the cost of an average restaurant meal.

(*others need not apply)
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TNM Participating Membership

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$250.00 every 5 years


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$1,000.00 every 100 years



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