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@SenatorBobHall I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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6537 Horizon Road, Suite 1-B (Alliance Building 2), Rockwall, TX 75032

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17585 State Highway 19, Suite 200, Canton, TX 75103

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2021-06-01Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitSent an email withe following message Senator Hall, I would like to see your support for HB 1359. I understand if you don't agree with the fact that Texas should not look eave the United States and you may not believe that it cannot be done, but I am not asking you to do as ny of those things. As your constituent and a person you are supposed to be re po resenting, all I am asking you to do is support putting it on the ballot so that Texans can have a say and can vote on whether or not Texas should stay or go. You are elected by the people to represent us and We should have the choice to vote on something so serious that can effect not only us, but our children and many generations to co mnm e. Please, Senator Hall, let Texans have a say in the way they want to have their lives being dictated. After all, this IS a government for and by the people, isn't it? Sincerely, Beatriz Ramos-Martinez
2021-07-19Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitNobody was in Senator Bob Hall's office to visit with the three different days I drove to his office in Canton to express to him the importance of passing this referendum and to give him my many reasons for him to support the TNM's - TIRA. People, phone calls are one thing, but being eye to eye with our legislators brings the discussion to a whole other level. Texas can't keep going on like this!!! Texas isn't the same state it was when I grew up in the mid - late 80's in HS, & early 90's in college at TAMU. We the people do not like what we have experienced over the last 2-3 decades here in Texas!!! Harris/Biden, & in that order, did not win by a long shot the 2020 election, period!!! I know it and you all know it, but everyone in the SM is reporting/acting like nothing inappropriate at all happened whatsoever!! OAN/Newsmax are doing what they think is right by shinning a light on all of the issues that we all knew were skewed the night of and days & weeks after the '20 election that things did not transpire according to the various states laws, and NOBODY DID ANYTHING TO STOP IT. The SS in Georgia, Brad Ruthless-burger, which is what I call him, didn't bother answering or even ever returned my calls before or after the election was over!!! So, tell me ONE MORE TIME AGAIN, WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO IN MAKING A DAMN PHONE CALL, unless it is a threatening call!!! But where does that get the caller!!! SO, NO MORE CALLING!!!! IT IS TIME FOR TEXAS TO PUT THE RUBBER TO THE ROAD AND SECCEED!!! I AM DONE WITH PEOPLE TELLING US THAT WE ALL NEED TO WOKE UP, SUPPORT BLM, BE LESS WHITE, & THEN THAT ISN'T ENOUGH, YOU BETTER BECOME EVEN MORE WOKE!!!! F&(&K ALL OF THESE IDIOTS!!! The devil has a special place in hell picked out for every last one of those worshipers of the late and so called great George Floyd AND THE WOKE PC CULTURE!! Since Covid 19, the great masses of people here in the US that once attended church have all but stopped going, and have all but lost their way and appear to have gone insane in the wake of a liberal biased media, and NOBODY REALLY SEEMS TO CARE!!! FOR THAT, WE EITHER GET TEXIT PASSED SOON AND FIX THIS ALL NOW FOR TEXAS, OR CIVIL WAR WILL BE UPON US SOON!!! EITHER WAY, IT WILL GET FIXED. BUT IT APPEARS THAT CIVIL WAR IS WHAT THEY ALL EXPECT FROM WHAT THEY ALL CALL REPREHENSIBLE AND DEPLORABLES. DEPLORABLES, WE ARE NOT.. WE ARE TRUE TEXAS AMERICAN PATRIOTS. OUR GOP IS DOING WHAT IT CAN LEGALLY, BUT BECAUSE OF AUSTIN, TX., AND THEIR SENCE OF TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS IS EMPATHISING/SIMPLY GOING ALONG WITH THE BLM/WOKE CULTURE, WITH NO RECOURSE / CONSEQUENCES, AND THUS HAVING TO BUILD FENCES AROUND ITS STATE SENATE/REP. BUILDINGS LIKE PELOSI HAD DONE AT THE US CAPITAL AFTER JAN. 6TH. IF THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE WE AS A COUNTRY, AS TEXANS, ARE WE REALLY UNITED ANYWAY? ANSWER: WE ARE NO LONGER UNITED IN ANYWAY!!!! JUST PAST TIME TO MAKE IT FORMAL!! PLEASE HELP US VOTE OURSELVED OUT OF THIS BE LESS WHITE, COCA-COLA WOKE, BLM, GEORGE FLOYD CRAP!!!!!! THEY CAN HAVE THEIR COKE AND A SMILE AND KEEP WORSHIPING ol' George Floyd, RIGHT AFTER TEXAS LEAVES THE UNION, AND WE TURN THE BEAUTIFUL STATE OF TEXAS INTO OUR OWN COUNTRY!!! WE CAN DO IT AND WE CAN EASILY MAKE IT WORK, AND BUILD BACK BETTER OUR WAY, EVEN BETTER THAN BIDEN EVER THOUGHT COULD MAKE IT HAPPEN!! HELL, AFTER VOTING OURSELVES OUT, k. HARRIS, j. BIDEN, n. PALOSI, c. SCHUMER, a. SHIFT, m. mcconnell, & m. pence will all GO DOWN IN HISTORY BEING THE ONLY APPOINTED US liberals, and backstabing Rihnos to ever DRIVE AN ENTIRE SOUTHERN STATE TO LEAVE THE UNION, LEAVING THE REST OF THE US TO ITS OWN DEMISE!!! We will welcome the completion of our southern border wall, & another new one as well, RIGHT ALONG THE RED RIVER similar to the one along THE RIO GRAND!!! BECAUSE WITH NO BORDERS, THERE IS NO COUNTRY, AND AS WE WERE TAUGHT IN ALL OF OUR HISTORY CLASSES "REMEMBER THE ALAMO"!! WELL, I'M REMEMBERING!!! HOW ABOUT YOU FOLKS????? WE WANT OUR 2ND AMEND. ALL OF OUR GUNS!!! IF YOU DON'T VOTE TO TEXIT, YOU AREN'T STANDING UP AND FIGHTING FOR OUR YOUTH!! IF FOR NOTHING ELSE, AT LEAST FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR YOUTH!!! PLEASE!!! NOT ANOTHER DECADE DO WE NEED GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!!! THANK YOU, CHRIS CALDWELL TAMU '94
2021-07-27Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitVisited with Chris Morris District Rep. under Bob Hall Dist. No. 2 on my fourth attempt dropping in to Senator Bob Hall's office on 6-26-21 in Canton. Discussed TEXIT, and mentioned how on our TNM site that it shows him as not supporting this referendum. He stated that he did support it, and had heard of what it is about, but didn't know why it was showing on this site that he didn't support it. I sent him a link to it this morning to show him what I was talking about. Not sure if he will attend the Tyler meet up or not, but I did text Mr. Morris the time and location of the meet up. Hope one or both of them will be able to show up!! I guess, we'll see.... I don't think that I'll be able to make it there this evening, as I'll already have been down there this morning performing a cattle inspection for a customer of my bank Legacy Ag Credit in Sulphur Springs. Thank you, Chris Caldwell 903-348-2206
2022-10-17Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI went to see Senator Hall but only got to talk to his district director, John Vick listen to me about the Take Texas Back Pledge and about the Texas Nationalist Movement, he took my business card and looked up the TNM website, I also told him about the 2 planks that was voted for at the Republican state convention, he said that he would pass the information on. So I will need to make another visit.
2023-01-19Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI spoke with Tate a member of the Senator's staff. He said that he was familiar with Daniel Miller and that both he and the Senator had spoken with Daniel at a small event as was familiar with the referendum. Tate said that he would have another member of the Senator's staff call to explain the Senator's position. Tate was more than willing to listen and to engage. A very positive and helpful transaction.
2023-01-19Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationTNM staff, regarding my interaction with Senator Hall's staff member Tate, if any questions need to be answered contact me at 682.554.3048 or [email protected]
2023-03-10Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI spoke with Benjamin in Senator Hall's office and was told that he would relay my opinion to Senator Hall regarding TEXAS HB3595. I told Benjamin that because the US federal government refuses to protect us regarding the border (fentanyl incursion) and energy independence and economic help it is time for us to explore our options with a TEXIT vote.
2023-03-22Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitOn 3/21/23 at Capitol office met with Office Administrator Miles Ray and gave him a package including a personal letter to Sen. Hall asking for Companion bill and a meeting to discuss, copy of HB3596, a TEXIT book, and contact card.

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