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@codyfortexas I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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2021-03-12Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationRepresentative Harris is still waffling! Doesn't like the Sub Committee after the vote! I urged his office to LISTEN to The People. His staffer says we are and there are just as many people against it as for it. I told him if Representative Harris fails to support HB 1359 we would make sure to find a Candidate to replace him!
2021-03-15Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationhave spoken to Cody Harris' Chief of Staff regarding HB 1359. He told me that Cody's stated objection was to Section 2 regarding the composition of the independence committee, specifically the Lt. Gov. , Speaker, and the small number of members on the committee. (I would tend to agree that persons who oppose TEXIT should not be on the committee). In Chapter 6 of Texit, Daniel Miller's referendum act (pgs 202-205 makes no mention of any committee and avoids details of the procedure for amending the constitution. In Chapter 5, Mr. Miller states that there are three distinct phases, referendum, transition, and independence. On page 154 he warns that "much of the confusion introduced into Texit Discussions comes from jumping into debating the later phases of the process and then using objections to potential outcomes in those phases to justify opposing even having a referendum. That is exactly what is occurring now. Rep. Harris states that he has contacted Rep. Biedermann's office and that he (Biedermann) refuses to consider any changes to the bill. I would bet that considering the lack of cohesiveness in the Republican party that this arguement will be snapped up as justification against TEXIT.
2021-03-18Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationPhone conversation and email. Asked that Representative Harris to support me and my right to vote on Texas Independence by signing on as an Author/Co-Author HB 1359.
2021-04-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitcalled April 9 and talked to staffer. He said Rep Harris supports the bill, but there is one big problem. He stated that the bill gives all power to the subcommittee of 10 people? They have contacted Rep Beidermann.
2021-04-12Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationTalked with an intern and he said Rep Harris does not like co-authoring a bill because being on the Calendars Committee he wants to keep a non-bias. I reminded the intern that he currently co-authors HB 1215 aka Texas Sovereignty Act and that was OK, but only as a short-term solution to protecting our sovereignty. Asked for Rep Harris to reconsider co-authoring HB-1359 as well because that is the long-term solution to eliminate the Federal Government's infringements to Texas's political, cultural and economic systems. Concluded with this becoming a voting issue in 2022, then made sure he repeated my contact info.
2021-04-30Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationToday I called Rep Harris office to ask that he support HB1359. His staffer took my name and number. He said they do not support the Bill. There are many opposed to it. He says, are you retired? I answered yes. He says, do you realize that this would take away your Social Security, Medicare and VA Benefits? I said, that is not true! He states we are not going to abandon the US just because times are rough. Texas will set the example for other states by passing bills to block federal bills. HB1359 will cause harm to Texans.
2022-12-01Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI left a message asking REP Harris to consider supporting HB 1359.
2023-03-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCaught Leachs staff in a lie and called them on it. Then emailed Leach himself.
2023-03-28Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationSpoke with Harrison on the phone today. Told him I’m one of his constituents and want to express my full support for HB3596. I also told him I know many people here in Bullard that want a vote on Texas Independence. He told me the office was at lunch right now and he’d like me to send an email to him expressing my concerns and he’d discuss it with Rep Harris. I told him Lori and I would be In Austin this Thurs the 30th and next M, T, and W and we’d love to talk to the Rep or him about it.

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