Dustin Burrows

State House District 83

Capitol Office


HB 1359


District Office

10507 Quaker Ave., Suite 103,Lubbock,TX,79424
(806) 795-0635


DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2021-04-16Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationThis phone conversation occurred during a Burrows phone town hall in March. He stated at that time that it wasn't the right time for Texit. Since that time I have sent him three letters and a couple of emails documenting why the right time is now. I called his Austin office today. He was on the House floor but I left a message stating that straw polls show that over 60% of Texans are for the bill and it is imperative that he get on board with HB 1359.
2021-06-28Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationMatthew Crow in his Lubbock office. His non-answer was that he can't see it if it's not out of committee. I called that a non answer as I can see it just fine. I asked him to sponsor it and if not, why not. I am continuing to try to at least get a clear answer why not.


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