State House District 98

Giovanni Capriglione

Capitol Office


HB 1359


District Office

1100 Bear Creek Parkway,Keller,TX,76244-0770
(817) 431-5339


DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2021-04-15Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI sent the following letter (not email) Never heard anything back. Representative Giovanni Capriglione Room E2.610 P.O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas 78768 Feb 5, 2021 Dear Rep Capriglione, As you and I are painfully aware, the Democrat/Socialists have had a sweeping victory last November 3 through questionable (at best) elections. They will not let this newly established coup go to waste. They are or will be, implementing laws to legitimatize the illegalities they used to win the election. In addition, they will make Washington DC and Puerto Rico a state thereby giving them more liberal/socialist voters. The reality of the permanency of this calamity cannot be ignored. The “genie has been let out of the bottle”. Our freedoms, liberties, and prosperity will gradually (or not so gradually) decline. This is why I am imploring you to support the Texas HB 1359 (a referendum for the people of Texas giving them the right to vote for or against Texas leaving the Union and establishing a new Republic of Texas) by cosigning the bill and in any way you possibly can. As the U.S. descends deeper into Socialism and decay, someone has to be left standing for freedom, liberty, and our God-given rights. Why not Texas? Please work to give us the right to vote on this issue. Respectfully yours, William C Newland Jr 1141 Sunrise Dr Keller, Texas 76248
2021-09-05Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI sent him a letter asking him to support HB 1359. Received no reply.


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