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@RogersForTexas I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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2021-04-16Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationShortly after Representative Biedermann introduced his bill, I called my Representative, Mr. Rogers office and spoke to the secretary, who told me that "although Mr. Rogers "loves' Texas, he also 'loves' the United States, and therefore "could NOT" support the proposed legislation. Last week I wrote, and sent a letter to Rep. Rogers, in which I stated that, by his opposition, he apparently believes that the people he represents are NOT deserving of the RIGHT to vote on their future, and that, since he proclaims to be a 6th generation Texan, something has been lost, as demonstrated by his failing to display the same courage and sprit of independence and FREEDOM that allowed his ancestors to make TEXAS the GREAT state that it could transition into being a GREAT NATION.
2023-02-07Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called the office spoke to Michael who identified himself as the COS. He said that representative Rogers would not carry the bill or support it. I asked if he was aware that 66% of likely Texas voters including 73% of Republicans supported a vote on Texit. He quite hatefully responded that leaving the Union would plunge Texas in poverty. I countered by saying that wouldn't happen because we would be the 9th largest economy in the world. He quite hatefully said that it would happen because every Fortune 500 company would move out of Texas.

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