Jim Murphy

State House District 133

Capitol Office


HB 1359


District Office

9525 Katy Freeway, Ste. 215,Houston,TX,77024
(713) 465-8800


DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2021-03-11Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationGrace the staffer still will not let me know Jim's position on HB 1359. She agreed to pass on the information that 5 state reps have coauthored the bill yesterday 3.10.21
2021-03-11Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived an emailEmailed Jim again asking whether he supports HB 1359 or not. Also informed him that 5 of his fellow state reps have coauthored the bill.
2021-03-23Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled his Houston office and spoke with Grace. "Would like to hear from our district 133 Rep J. Murphy on Texas Referendum HB 1359. Just to cite one issue: Texans should not have to wait for ICE, FEMA or any presidential administration to act on problems at our border. No doubt those undocumented children are at risk of being absorbed into the human trafficking and pedophilia trade . We at TNM have not heard back from him on the phone calls and emails he is receiving on the bill and it would be respectful of him to make a reply." Grace asked if people would like a Town Hall on the issue and I replied that would be great.
2021-03-26Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived a letter3.25.21 - Mailed a letter asking Jim to co-author HB1359 signed by 12 people.
2021-03-27Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversation3/22 Called Houston number and spoke with Aide, Grace. Said that I support HB1359 not only as a TNM member but also as a 60+ year Texas resident. We are in border crisis, among other serious problems and we should not have to wait on the Feds to act. Our TNM Distric Leader John Benton has been calling and email Murphy with no response. It would be respectful of Jim Murphy, our elected Rep, if he would respond to Benton on HB1359. Grace asked, "Would you liek a Town Hall?" "That would be great," I said. Reported back to John Benton.
2021-04-15Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled his Houston number and spoke to Grace. Said I wanted to know, "Does Murphy have a position on the people's right to a referendum on the subject of whether or not Texans wanted to become its own nation?" She said she did not know. Also reminded her of our conversation about 3 weeks ago and so I asked the status on her suggestion at that time, "Would you like a ?Town Hall?" She said she did not (seemed not to recall that) but that she would check with Murphy on my two questions.
2021-04-23Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived an emailRepresentative Murphy: Do you support Texans' right to vote on the issue of whether or not to explore Texas Independence? To be clear, the question is NOT do YOU support Texas Independence, BUT - DO YOU SUPPORT TEXANS' RIGHT TO VOTE ON WHETHER OF NOT WE TEXANS WANT TO EXPLORE THAT ISSUE? If not, how do you define your role as Representative of District 133? This is an interesting scenario to see how we Texans and our elected representatives in Austin will work our mutual relationships with each other. Respectful regards, and with persistence in knowing your intentions, Merri Michaels Westchester resident https://tnm.me/news/political/recap-texit-capitol-action-day/?goal=0_244a299551-155bcd6901-321282654&mc_cid=155bcd6901&mc_eid=eb5d04cbf4


Austin Visit Update

The Capitol Action Day by TNM was awesome!  It’s a great feeling to have face-to-face discussion with your Legislators and their staff.…

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