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@KyleKacal I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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3000 Briarcrest Drive, Suite: 203, Bryan, TX 77802

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2023-02-17Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationCalled and spoke with Max at Rep. Kacal's office. He was very polite, and told me he would relay how important the Texas Independence Referendum is to me, and to his constituents in Walker County.
2023-03-22Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI'm calling this a personal visit, but it was actually a Zoom Meeting. I had called Rep. Kacal's office March 13th, and spoke with Max about a couple of issues, including HB3596. I asked about scheduling a personal visit at either the Capitol or District Office. Max instructed me to email that request, and someone would be in touch. Terra called me back March 21st, and offered to set up the Zoom Meeting as a convenience to me and Rep. Kacal. So, we had that meeting today, March 22, 2023. We had a good visit for about 20 minutes. I reminded him of the cards and letters I had sent, and let him know that the referendum is a very important issue to me. I related to him that I had introduced the Resolution at my Precinct Convention, and that it had passed with little discussion and no opposition. Then, how the resolution passed at the Walker County convention with no opposition. I tried to reinforce the fact to him that Walker County is a pretty significant slice of his constituency. I also made sure he knew about the Survey USA Poll, and the RPT Platform Planks 33 & 225, and how they had passed overwhelmingly. I asked if he could explain why so many Republican leaders in our state seem to ignore the RPT Platform. He said he understood the disconnect, and tried to explain, but it was not making sense to me! I don't understand "Politicese" very well! He said he really thought the proper process was not a referendum, but a constitutional amendment. I didn't argue that point with him, but I don't see a lot of difference as far as the mechanics go. We still need it to be passed by the Leg., then voted on by the people. He asked me if I knew which Senators might be on board, and I told him I thought Lois Kolkhorst and Bob Hall. He told me he would talk to them, and see where they are on the issue, since it will need both sides to pass. I then further explained that the referendum didn't bring an immediate separation from the Union, but started the process. He did say he would read the bill to get the details. Then, he said that after he's talked to some Senators and Speaker Phelan, and had a chance to read the bill, he would be back in touch with me for a follow up. I don't think I've won him over yet. He's pretty good at saying what he thinks you want to hear. But, if he will do the investigating he said he would, and we get a follow up, I'm counting that as progress!
2023-03-27Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitA fellow TNM member and good friend from the BCS area mentioned that he and Kyle saw each other at the same restaurant the other night and as they are old acquaintances he mentioned to Kyle that he expects him to vote for the TEXIT bill. Kyle replied that he "did". My friend said the same thing as was stated by by another person in their report. " He's pretty good at saying what he thinks you want to hear".

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