Shelby Slawson

State House District 59

Capitol Office


HB 1359



DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2021-03-15Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationAware of bill, has read it over but wants to wait for committee hearing before her mind is made up
2021-04-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitSpoke to Her legislative director Erin Rowe and she indicated the representative was aware of HB1359 but had not made a decision yet to support Texas Independence
2021-04-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI called Shelby Slawson and asked her aid if she had a position. The aid if she wanted me to send her a book. The aid said that Biterman had talked to her about it. Of course the aid was very noncommitted so I asked her if others had contacted her about it. She replied that they had. I reminded her that she was representing the people of her district and that I would called again next week.
2021-04-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitStaff said they’re getting a lot of calls and emails. They won’t comment on her stance.
2021-04-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitMet with staff, who were engaged with discussion. They have received many communications from constituents who support HB 1359. Reported that Rep. Slawson supports HB 1359.
2021-04-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitvisited her office April 8. We did not get to talk with Rep Slawson, but her staff was very helpful. However, they did not comment on her stance toward HB1359. I have called/emailed every week for Feb, March, and April to ask for support.


Texas Independence Referendum Act Referred To Committee

The Texas Independence Referendum Act has finally received its first reading in the Texas House and has been assigned to a committee. Here's…

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