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Stan Gerdes

@StanGerdesforTX I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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2023-03-03Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationMy wife and I both spoke to the front office, spoke to Morgan Neptune and Abi Abel about the Texas independence referendum for the better part of an hour. The staff is very interested. They know of it but it hasn't really come up. With 450,000 TNM members in the state I feel disappointed that it hasn't come up much. They need to get a lot more calls and visits. They invited us over to come meet with the chief of staff Ben Watson, which we did. I will report that as a separate interaction.
2023-03-03Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitMy wife, myself, and four of our kids visited with Rep Gerdes' chief of staff Ben Watson. It was a very pleasant conversation, he listened very well, shared our concerns about the US government overreach onto Texas. We both made the personal appeal how the EPA overreach, the COVID mandates, and other examples of federal overreach has affected us personally. We also presented the data that the referendum is in popular demand and not controversial as some may think. I printed and bound a number of booklets from the TNM website and provided those as well, along with the actual bill and the "Information for Republicans" packet. They did not commit to filing or signing the bill. I think it would be helpful if they got a lot more calls and visits.

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