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@TanParkerTX I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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2022-12-05Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversation12/5/22 at 11:20am, called 972-724-8477 spoke with "Tricia", I believe his chief of staff for his current HD63 District office. She does not know his position on a Texas Referendum Act or even how me may lean. I asked if I could email a copy of our legislation and she agreed to receive it. Emailed it to [email protected] after 5pm. In the email I asked for a Yes or No response if he will sign on to this legislation. I also included 3 links to the TNM articles showing TEXIT is the majority view among Texans.
2023-02-10Texas Independence Referendum ActReceived an email[email protected] replied back to me at 2:52p on 2/10/23 via email. She is in charge of his District Office in Flower Mound, someone I met when dropping into his office on opening day of the 88th session. Tan Parker does not support our bill as ""He does not support the concept of weakening America through the secession of our state" and "it would weaken America and that he will "not turn his back on his Nation". As far as I can see in Senator Parker's page in the TNM page, I alone am the only one to contact him via a combo of weekly calls, emails, and letters. Given this, it would be unfruitful for me to argue for a Senator's support who also did not support our bill in the 87th when he was in the house.

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With enough signatures, the TNM can force the TEXIT question on the primary ballot in March 2024. This is exactly what we’re going to do and we need your help to do it.