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Terri Leo Wilson

@TerriLeoWilson I want a vote on #TEXIT! Please support the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

Texas Independence Referendum Act
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2022-12-15Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI talked to Terri at the Santa Fe Citizen's Dinner Dec 15th, Tyra Ranch 10230 FM 2004 Santa Fe 77510. I told her I would like her to co sponsor the TEXIT bill. She had an issue about a part of Texas that wasn't on the power grid (whatever- these responses from politicians are so strange). I gave her a hand out with all the basic information as to why reps need to support the Texit Vote. I offered to help answer any questions she might have. I gave her my TNM business card.
2022-12-16Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI talked briefly with Terri at the Santa Fe Citizens Appreciation dinner - lots of local politicians were there. I gave Terri my personal business card and asked her, "If Texas were already an independent nation, would you vote to join the Union?" She seemed a little surprised by the question and had no response. While we were talking with Terri, one of her "handlers", an older gentleman, tried to get her to leave.
2023-05-02Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitI visited Rep Leo-Wilson's office at the Capitol in Austin. She was in session and unavailable at the time. Her office is just a few doors down from Rep. Slayton. The office was thinly staffed, but her husband David Wilson was the "greeter" and we had a lively discussion. Terri is focused on education issues, textbooks, etc. When I brought up supporting Texit, he was reluctant to talk about it. I did learn from him that legislators are reluctant to stick their neck out for fear of being unable to get anything accomplished or get their pet bills passed. He also said, just like the Mayes Middleton aide, that there were certain things that they couldn't say to constituents. Also made the comment that some people think Texas is "un-American". Cordial and interesting meeting and I hope to be able to visit them again soon.

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