State House District 20

Terry Wilson

Capitol Office


HB 1359


District Office

710 Main Street Suite 242,Georgetown,TX,78626
(512) 463-0309


DateWhat Issue?Interaction TypeInteraction
2021-03-11Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationLeft a phone message telling Rep. Wilson how important it is that he support HB 1359 because in view of what's happening in Washington with a president that's bordering on full-on dementia, we Texans deserve to be heard on this issue.
2021-04-08Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitHe is my State Rep. I spoke to him one-on-one today for some time in his office, alone. In a nut shell, he said that if HB1359 came up for a vote, he would vote for it. He said that he would never stand in the way of allowing Texans to vote (if I'm paraphrasing that correctly). However he refuses to co-author the bill. He said that he couldn't co-author without an amendment allowing allowing more time between passage and referendum. When I asked if by co-authoring he could introduce that amendment, he said that the real problem was that it would paint a target on him and his district when redistricting happens. When I asked if he's worried about keeping his job then, he said that the real reason he can't co-author is that Rep. Kyle Biedermann is a "clown" and that he won't be part of any legislation that he authored. "So it's a personal thing then?", I asked. He said it was more of a strategic thing. He then went on about how he's working towards a convention of states as a real solution to our woes. The bottom line is that he said that he would vote yes on HB1359 if it goes to a vote. When I told him that the only real way to support 1359 and get it to a vote is for him to co-author, He said "That's bull shit! Who told you that?"
2021-04-09Texas Independence Referendum ActPersonal visitSpoke with Rep. Wilson directly for about 45 minutes. He does not oppose HR 1359, but states he would support it with amendments. He does not expect the bill to be heard, as is, during this session. His preference is to have a Convention of States. Rep Wilson reported that he has never spoken with anyone from TNM, so was surprised to learn that he is thought to oppose the bill.
2021-04-15Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationI spoke with Wilson’s staff. They told me because Wilson was a retired military officer, he had sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States so he wouldn’t support HB 1359.
2022-01-10Texas Independence Referendum ActPhone conversationGiven the feeling that I was bothering him


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