Trouble logging in?

Don’t worry. With a bit of that “never surrender” Texas spirit we’ll have it fixed in no time. Lucky thing that most login issues can be solved pretty easily. Check out the solutions below.

I don't remember my username.

Great news! This is the absolute easiest login issue to fix as long as you remember the email address that you used to register. When you login, instead of entering your username enter your email address. Our system links your username and email address and, therefore, you can use either one to login.

I don't remember my password or it isn't working.

We are inundated with passwords. So much so that it makes it almost impossible to remember them all. If you’ve forgotten your password, we have no way of retrieving it for you. All passwords are encrypted in our system. Even to our systems admin they look like garbled gibberish.

However, you are in luck. We can reset your password.

On the login screen, click the link below and to the right of where you would enter your password that says “Lost your password?”

Once you click that, you will see another box. In that box enter your username or the email address that you used to register on our site. Then click “RESET PASSWORD”.

And now we wait… Our system is sending you an email right now with instructions on how to reset your password. Within a few minutes you’ll receive an email titled ‘[TNM.ME] Password Reset‘. In that email will be a link that you must click.

NOTE: If you don’t get the email, be sure to check your SPAM folder. Some email services are overly aggressive on what they classify as SPAM. It is rare that emails from our site are classified as such, but it does happen.

That link will take you to a screen where you will enter your new password or you can have it suggest a crazy complicated password for you. You can pick your own or let the system generate a super-secure password. The choice is yours. NOTE: If you let the system generate a password for you, be 100% sure that you copy it and paste it somewhere. Otherwise, we’ll be back here again.

With that, you should be able to login with your brand-spankin’ new password.

It says that I don't have an account.

It is entirely possible that you don’t have an account on this site. Over the years, as the TNM, our websites have evolved.

For a long time this site was open to both members and supporters. However, those who were dues-paying members asked for a site that was exclusively for members.

Consequently, we shifted much of the information that was already public to our main site and created a space that was just for those who wanted a deeper involvement with the TNM. Members asked for a place to connect with one another, get TNM merch at a substantial discount, discuss the work of the TNM, and get exclusive insider information about the fight for Texas independence. They got it.

In the process, TNM.ME accounts for those who were not formal members or had not logged into the site for a very long time were decommissioned. However, there were some members who should have an account but somehow got caught up in the purge because of a bad email address or some other data glitch. If you were one of these folks, not to worry. Just head over to and start a new membership. On the ‘NOTES’ area, let us know that you need to cancel your other membership and we’ll get it squared away for you.

If, however, you were one of those folks who has supporter access but want to continue to access TNM.ME, head on over and formally join the organization. We’d love to have you.

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