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Now get the equivalent of a Ph.D. in libertarian thought and free-market economics online for just 24 cents a day….

From Tom Woods, the best-selling author of 12 books on libertarianism and free-market economics, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars and more than a decade acquiring degrees in history, including a bachelor’s from Harvard and Ph.D. from Columbia, and have dedicated my life to defending free-market thought and teaching it to others.

But I realize most people don’t have the time, funds, or inclination to devote almost a decade of their lives to school and study like I did. And so I found the perfect solution – an online resource that can give you the equivalent of a doctoral degree in libertarian philosophy, politics, and economics in months or even weeks instead of years.

With this new knowledge, you can master the facts and arguments behind the libertarian ideas you hold dear, so you can persuade your critics of the correctness of your position. And you can get this free-market education online, without leaving your home, for just 24 cents a day! Introducing….

Liberty Classroom: the premiere online “university” of libertarian thought that you can “attend” while sitting at your PC or driving in your car.

Liberty Classroom is one of the largest and most expertly researched and written collections of audio and video lessons and lectures on libertarian ideas and free-market economics available anywhere in the world today.

Listening to the audios and watching the videos will load you up with the facts, figures, and other ammunition you need to feel supremely confident … and come out on top … when arguing politics or economics with yet another devoted leftist or socialist – and even with neoconservatives, who make their own share of mistakes.

Now you’ll have the knowledge to clearly articulate the central political and economic issues of libertarianism. Including:

The free market and monopolies. Your high school teacher probably told you that the 19th-century American economy was shot through with monopolies, thanks to the free market, and that only government intervention was able to reverse the process. I was taught this, too. But it’s bunk, and we’ll give you the real story.

Was the Great Depression a case of the free market run wild? That’s what we learned in school, but it’s not true at all. At Liberty Classroom we teach you about the Federal Reserve System – ignored in nearly all classroom discussions of the coming of the Depression – and explain what really caused the crash.

Has the free market led to exploitation of the environment? Of course not, but that’s what we’re all led to think. When the market is allowed to function, resources are conserved and the future is provided for. By contrast, when government doesn’t allow the market or property rights to function, resources are degraded and depleted.

Repeal of the minimum wage. These days it’s fashionable to call for a $15 minimum wage, which would amount to more than a 100 percent raise for some people. Economic studies show that increases in the minimum wage don’t hurt employment, left-liberals will say. But even if those “studies” weren’t shot through with howlers, not one of them says a 100% increase won’t hurt employment! You’ll learn the real effects of the minimum wage, and you won’t have to fear coming out second best in a debate.

The American Revolution: the real issue. Why Americans fought the American Revolution in defense of a principle our present federal government despises.

The presidents. Why the best presidents were the ones your teachers hated, and the worst were the ones they loved.

The problems with “liberal” interpretations of the Constitution. Virtually all schoolchildren learn that the federal government can do pretty much anything that advances the general welfare, and that an “elastic clause” grants it a wide array of unspecified powers. This argument is indefensible, and we’ll arm you with ammunition against it.

In short, you’ll master logical, persuasive arguments that support the fundamental libertarian precepts of individualism, individual rights, the rule of law, limited government, free markets, the virtue of production, the natural harmony of interests, and peace.

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