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Since 2005, the Texas Nationalist Movement has given thousands of interviews with every type of media, all over the world. We welcome all contact from the media. Below are is a reminder of our media guidelines and some additional background information.

General Media Guidelines

  • All requests from media outlets for interviews or comments from the Texas Nationalist Movement should be made via the form on this page or through direct contact with our main office.
  • We work to accommodate interview requests as much as possible. However, we generally do not accept interview requests from individuals or organizations that have previously expressed extreme bias against the TNM and its mission, vision and values or have communicated materially false information about the TNM.
  • All requests are subject to availability.
  • We reserve the right to record and/or reproduce all interviews or speaking engagements for future use in clarification, information or promotion and/or for archival purposes.
  • Print Media: We will gladly accept questions via email. We will also accept prearranged phone and in-person interviews.
  • Radio: We accept prearranged phone and in-person interviews.
  • Television: All television interviews are welcome as long as they are prearranged. For national media outlets, we have utilized studios in Houston for satellite uplink where live segments have been required.

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TNM Logos & Images

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Quick Facts About The TNM

  • The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is the largest independence movement in the United States, the second largest in the western hemisphere, and one of the largest in the world.
  • The TNM was founded in November of 2005 when over a dozen separate organizations and groups united into a single organization.
  • The TNM has engaged the public on an independence referendum since its inception. However, we first engaged the Texas Legislature on the issue of a referendum on Texas independence in 2009.
  • The TNM has a social media presence that is larger than the Republican Party of Texas and the Democratic Party of Texas combined.
  • The demographics of the TNM more closely reflect the population of Texas than either major political party.

Texas Relationship With The Union

  • Texans are currently subjected to over 180,000 pages of Federal laws, administered by 440 separate agencies and nearly 2 million unelected Federal bureaucrats.
  • Texans pay between $340-$400 billion in state and Federal taxes annually.
  • Texans pay the Federal Government an average of $265 billion annually, yet they only spend an average of $162 billion in Texas.
  • Texans overpay an average of $100-$120 billion annually into the Federal bureaucracy.
  • At the current level that Texans are paying to both the Federal Government and the State Government, an independent Texas could preserve and maintain every program, every job, current military enlistment, every department, every facility, every military base, every function, and every contract with no reductions.Texans would enjoy a massive surplus of revenue could be used to fund additional national functions or to give significant tax relief to Texans.

Is Texas Independence Legal?

  • There is nothing in the United States Constitution, the Texas Constitution or Federal law that prevents a State from exiting the union.
  • With the United States Constitution silent on the issue, the power is reserved to the State of Texas.
  • Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution reserves the power to alter, reform or abolish our form of government to the people of Texas.
  • Critics often cite the Supreme Court case of Texas v White to declare any State leaving the union as illegal. In doing so, they ignore the deficiencies in the ruling as well as over 150 years of additional court precedent, treaty law, and foreign policy that upholds the right of self-determination and overturns Texas v White.

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